Review: 47 Ronin

TLTR: The trailer made this movie look more entertaining than it was.  Skip to the mid-point to avoid the boring-ness.

Harsh as that sounds, the first half of the movie was setting up the last half and it was boring as fuck.  Dammit, I swore.  That is a sign how annoyed I am at this movie.  How disappointed.  The source material is ripped of a true, bloody story.  There literally is no foot work needed, if the film makers used the source material.

In fact: here, read the wiki page – it is more entertaining than the movie.

Why did it fall short?  It had so much potential.  Was it the need to cast Keanu Reeves, essential white-washing an Asian story? Use of sorcery in a tale that could have done without?  Was it, the needless 3d?

A note though: Some very pretty visuals and special effects.  Some not bad fight scenes.

2 out of 5