Film Review: Vampire Academy

vampire_academy_blood_sisters_ver3_xlgI’ve got this habit of watching bad movies on Netflix.  Not because I want to but because I’m Canadian and I get Canadian Netflix which is sucky Netflix to the point I wonder why I pay for it.  That is a rant for another time.

Onward to my review of Vampire Academy!

The trailer made the movie out to be this Harry Potter meets Twilight.  I’m absolutely certain I am NOT the only one that thought that.  After watching it, I can say it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.

To rank Vampire Academy:
It was better than Twilight, Mortal Instruments and Eragon.
On Par with Beautiful Creatures, Beastly, Cirque du Freak and City of Ember.
But nowhere as good as the worst Harry Potter movie.

It embraces its campy nature and spells out its complex world easily enough.  It embraces it clichés and pokes fun at its genre.  I caught one Twilight dig.  I can respect that but truly this is a popcorn, turn off your mind flick.  It is bad, corny, trite and awkward.  YET I found entertainment in it, but that is because I’m a twisted individual.

If you like 2 Broke Girls, you’ll love this movie AS THIS is 2 Broke Girls meets Twilight.  Rose is Max.  Lisa is Caroline.  And toss them back into high school.  And that is how it is done.  Oooo, I totally had Max narrating that last sentence in my head.


I do not recommend this movie unless you are drunk, high or plainly cannot think of anything else to watch.

2 out of 5