Movie Review: The Martian (2015)

martian2015-2Honestly, I was bored throughout the movie. That might just be me, as el boyfriendo loved the movie.  The world loved the movie.   I thought the movie was alright but I got bored with it despite having my favourite actors and actresses giving great performance and the premise being interesting.

One of the many problems I have is the predictably.  The swearing was censored.  I kid you not, it was censored.  They spent 10-15 minutes on a self-surgery scene that had not a lot of blood.  The lack of emotional crazies that should have been happening.  The horror of alone-hood wasn’t their… as Watney interacted with his go-pro in a Bear Grylls fashion. What goes wrong is fixable with a little grit… and a glorious amount of duct tape.

OK, the duct tape usage was an entertaining part for me, if only they’d have made a nod to Red Green.  IF ONLY.

Stop reading.  A major spoiler is ahead.

NUMBER ONE HATE for me is: I felt no “Oh my gods, he’s going to die” for Watney.  Absolutely, no fear the main character will fail.  It was like watching one of the many tv series, that put their main character in dire jeopardy but you know they’ll MacGyver themselves out of the situation before the end.

Last thought:  Captain Blonde Beard got me to giggle.