Review: The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

The Day After Tomorrow

I’ve been regularly subjected to this movie ever since it came out on DVD when I unwisely gifted it to my Father.

Released over 10 years ago now, I can faithful say I liked this what-if movie.  For Roland Emmerich, it was his last good movie, although he has two in the works that show promise.

Plot***: Global warming leads to a rapid ice age.  We follow a weather doctor, his ex-wife (also a doctor) and his super smart-awkward-genius kid as this end of the world scenario plays out.

*** Tangent rant: Sorry, I hate writing out plots.  If you clicked the link, and are reading the review, you already have an idea of what the plot is to the movie/tv show/book.  It seems redundant to give you more details on a plot you already should know – even vaguely.  It appears that every review now must include a plot to be taken serious.  So, dear bots, if I include a plot summary, expect sarcasm.  If I don’t include a plot, assume that I, the generous writer, has assumed you smart enough to be aware of the plot already.  END: Tangent rant.

Back to the review:  When this was released, Hollywood was starting its, “Humans are bad for the environment” propaganda movement.  We had Erin Brockovich (2000)  before this movie.  After this movie, Happy Feet (2006), Wall-E (2008) and continues till this day.

The film is a regular popcorn flick; sit back, turn off your higher thinking parts and enjoy the ride.  Don’t think too hard on the scientific mumbo jumbo, as it will make you question if the writers passed high school science.  The special effects still hold up a decade later. The story is a little weak but still entertaining with top-notch acting and the dialogue is corny (but truthfully, I’m corny and like corny.)

Yes, the movie has flaws, but the entertainment outweighs the flaws by a mile.

A good end of the world movie – not great, just good.